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Cadenza Season 2: Performance 1

November 1— 18 

Piemonte in the Fall - A gastronomic journey of Northern Italy's renowned harvest.


Piemonte in the Fall, Boca Cadenza Season 2: Performance 1 from Boca Restaurant Group on Vimeo.

Last September, Chef/Owner David Falk announced the beginning of Cadenza—a series of high-flying dining performances that spanned Arc en Ciel, La Truffe and American in Paris.

Today, we invite you to join us in the next chapter of our passion project as we introduce Cadenza Season 2, Performance 1: Piemonte in the Fall

According to Chef Falk and the voyagers of our culinary R&D team, "there is no food and wine region in the world that comes alive more than Piemonte in the fall." Polenta. Fonduta. Tajarin. Tartufo bianco di Alba. Nebbiolo.

With notes from our most recent journey, we channeled our excitement into a multi-course menu of seasonal savories and sweets.

Share in the bounty of this acclaimed region with us in family-style dining experiences on Boca's first floor this November 1-18.