La TruffeLa Truffe

winter 2016-2017

The Tradition

In classical times, the origin of truffles was a mystery. Juvenal hypothesized these earthly treasures were the result of thunder and rain, while Cicero called them children of the earth. During the Renaissance, the French court of King Francis I and Parisian markets exulted these magical tubers as a native delicacy.

For Chef David Falk and team, these black diamonds have evoked an intimate, soul-touching reaction for the past quarter of a century. Tastes of French black truffles during travels from Paris to Lyon to Rome have captivated our imagination and stoked our passion.

The Experience

Once rustled from the storied French soils of Périgord and Bourgogne, this earthly treasure is a chef’s delight. Inspired by our greatest truffle memories of years past, we embrace a new vision—not of truffles in singularity, but of truffles as the magnificent hero of each course of a prix fixe menu. We are emboldened. We are awestruck. The French black truffle, our aromatic muse, has set us free.

Presenting La Truffe—a celebration of the iconic allure of the French Black Truffle.