fall 2016

The Quest

For years, the lines had been drawn. Food is imagined by chefs in the kitchen; wine is curated by sommeliers in the dining room. Their individual visions rarely met until the table—a broken paradigm to reach flavor at its fullest expression.

So our quest was born: to create a culinary experience greater than the sum of its parts. The theory predicts that when food, with its flavor nurtured by toiling artists of metal and heat, explodes into wine, its mineral blood gifted by ancient voices, only then do we press our flush-red faces against a window to perfection.

Unicorn pairings. The search has begun.

The Study

After six months (or really, 10 years) of mentors and truisms, of preconceptions unraveled, of wine stained teeth of what if and try again… We resolved our study into a menu.

The Experience

Course by course, Arc en Ciel invites you into the aphrodisiac lair of food and wine pairings. Where possibilities unfold as we commit to letting go. Where we embrace the moment and allow steel, heat and glass to become the instruments of earthly delight.

Introducing Arc en Ciel—the ultimate exploration of food & wine pairings.